Have You Met Treasure!

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Treasure graduated as a licensed skin care specialist from the Christine Valmy International School of Esthetics. As the beauty industry grows, Treasure makes it a point to continue her learning by developing new skills that provide clients with customized treatments to meet their individual needs.

She enjoys connecting with clients and is a firm believer that healthy skin starts from within. When this Montclair resident isn't researching new techniques she's traveling with her boyfriend or spending time with her friends and family.

Treasure is available for appointments Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays. Please welcome her kindly!

Happy Holidays 2018!

Oh these guys!

We couldn't have done it without them. Committed spa professionals and decent, honest, great people at the absolute finest! These guys have worked there tails off. 🙏

We are one lucky little spa going on year 15 and we couldn't be any prouder of the team that is part of our ride.

Focus on treatment results, not cappuccino has always been are inside mantra.😉

Results matter. People matter. Clients matter. Staff matter.

We can't wait for 2019 and all that will bring to fruition.

Gratitude. Love. Strategy. Treat people like people. Pretty damn simple.

Love to you all. Xo
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This is Why We Do What We Do

As professional skin care therapist we often see spots on your skin that are of no concern and that are usually a "big nothing".  We are all pretty skilled at referring out to the appropriate field when needed.

However, we do sometimes catch something that may be potentially more serious.  Honestly, this year alone we are 4/4....sadly.  The summer is over but don't stop wearing SPF.  Please. 

We received this email from a lucky guest on Sunday. 

Not a scare tactic, just real life.🤷. We love you all and want to see everyone healthy!☺️

Not a scare tactic, just real life.🤷. We love you all and want to see everyone healthy!☺️