3 Tips to Look Your Best this Holiday Season

The holiday season is starting, which means plenty of family and gatherings, and celebratory parties. Catching up with people you may not see as often puts the pressure on to look your absolute best. Do not worry - that is what we are here for! Here are three tips to look your best this holiday season.

  1. Start an exercise routine. Does your busy holiday schedule leave you feeling stressed? Besides improving your physical appearance, regularly exercising is proven to decrease stress levels, boost happiness, and increase self-confidence. Find the time to squeeze in a yoga class, strength-training, or even a brisk walk. My new favorite activity is alternating between simple trampoline rebounding and medicine ball HIIT while watching Morning Joe.  It has really helped me on wanting to throw things at the TV and tweet inappropriately. ;)   Your body but more importantly your mind will thank you!

  2. Take care of your hair. This time of year is infamous for dry skin galore. Take care of an itchy scalp by using a moisturizing shampoo and avoid applying conditioner on your scalp. You can also apply an olive oil or other rich oils as a hair mask. Simply warm olive oil, Jojoba or Argan Oil,apply to your scalp by using your fingers, wrap hair in a shower cap and wash it off in the morning.

  3. Refresh your look. A great way to refresh your look and lift tired skin is through a contouring and lifting facial, feels almost like acupressure. We are offering a new treatment that can be combined with other facial modalities to apply acupressure to the face with jade and rose stones not that different from a jade roller, but better! The process helps to reverse the signs of aging and puffiness and leaves your skin looking fresh and lifted.

We love helping our customers look and feel their absolute best. Ultimately though, it is important that you feel confident, happy, and excited to experience the holiday season. So, do whatever it is that will make you feel ready for the holidays, whether it be treating yourself to a facial, starting an exercise routine, and taking care of your hair.  Beauty comes from the inside, no matter what.


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