Summer Skincare, Post Heatwave Edition

Post heatwave is a great time to get your skincare in order. Or in our case, between heatwaves. Yuck. So, first things first, focus on the basics.

Wash your damn face! That’s right. We can’t tell you how many people come in wondering why they have breakouts or clogged skins and are A) sleeping in their makeup or B) using just makeup wipes to clean their skin.

Listen, we are not superhuman estheticians, we too also fall asleep in our makeup! But you can fix it the next day. You should consider subscribing to the “Double Cleanse” Method. I know everyone thinks it is from the K-beauty craze, but Dr. Erno Laszlo from Hungry in the 1920s developed it. Coincidentally, I worked for this company as a Beauty Advisor while one of my many college beauty jobs.  I still love the Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar even though it is totally wrong for my skin now.

The concept is using an oil-based product to break up the dirt, makeup, SPF, etc on the skin and this works also as a barrier when using a traditional soap or acid-based cleanser.  It cleanses the skin and gives a tad of protection, so you feel squeaky clean, but your skin is not stripped of the acid mantle.

Follow with an exfoliating toner like Biba’s Glycolic Lactic Toner or an Essence.  Finish with an appropriate serum such as a Vitamin C or Stem Cell/Peptide combo and lightweight moisturizer/SPF.  We have several lightweight and very effective ones to choose from.  Just ask which one is right for your skin and lifestyle.

But the most important thing to remember is to properly wash your face.  Especially at night! You know…in the morning, you can almost get away with a good rinse in the shower and follow up with Essence, Serum, Hydration/SPF.

Consider your conditions as well.  If you work outside, the minute you come home, just wash your face.  Why wait?

Try to schedule a professional skincare treatment as soon as your schedule allows for a tune-up and to properly clean out your skin of clogged pores, potential big eruptions due to improper cleansing at home, fluctuating hormones and changing weather patterns which can affect your skin.  And try really, really, hard to keep your hands off your face.

The Double Cleanse!  What’s old is new again!