For your information

Happy Holidays 2018!

Oh these guys!

We couldn't have done it without them. Committed spa professionals and decent, honest, great people at the absolute finest! These guys have worked there tails off. 🙏

We are one lucky little spa going on year 15 and we couldn't be any prouder of the team that is part of our ride.

Focus on treatment results, not cappuccino has always been are inside mantra.😉

Results matter. People matter. Clients matter. Staff matter.

We can't wait for 2019 and all that will bring to fruition.

Gratitude. Love. Strategy. Treat people like people. Pretty damn simple.

Love to you all. Xo
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Picture Day is Coming Up!

There are only a couple of days and a couple of appointments left to get your skin ready for Back to School and picture day (I know, AGHHH!).

Use our online booking system which is 24/7 or give us a call now so we can help you find an appointment!

If you do reach our answering service, don't despair...we will call you back as soon as we are finished our treatments with our guest (I mean, come on you would not want us picking up the phone while we are cleaning your face, right?!)

Both Cara and Kelly can help you get Back to School ready on Friday and Saturday. Yea!

The Day of Love

While today is known around the world as the day of love it may also be smidge painful or even just a little stingy for someone sitting right next to you in your cubicle or pod. 

We often make sure kids at school are treated even handedly but forget about adults going through a tough time.  Have it be a job stress, financial stress or just a sting of a relationship lost.  Show a little love and kindness to strangers and friends alike today. 

Fun fact.  Cupid is known as the son of the Mythical Gods Mars and Venus.  Oy!