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5 Reasons Why You Need a Digital Detox

Picture are sitting on the couch with the TV on, your partner is sitting next to you and you are both scrolling away on your phones. Is it a hard picture to imagine or is it exactly what you are doing at this moment? Let’s face it, our phones have taken over our worlds. After all, how else are we supposed to find out who landed an awesome new job or got married?

I want you to take a breather for one second and try to think about how many times you check your phone in a single day. Many people use their phones as alarms making it easier to quickly scroll through email and social media platforms. According to Deloitte, Americans check their phones 8 billion times a day! That amounts to an average of 46 times per person. It is no wonder why more people come into our spa looking for massages that reduce their upper back and neck pain than ever before.

It is time to take a break from our phones and go on a digital detox. Don’t believe me? Here are five reasons why you should!

  1. Better Posture. It is 8 AM on a Saturday morning, you just woke up and the first thing you reach for is your phone. Your partner is still sleeping, what else is there to do? Your neck is turned in a contorted way so that the light from your screen doesn’t wake your partner up. Later on in the day, your neck starts hurting and you wonder why. Does that situation sound more than a little familiar to you? Neuroscientists observed a group of people who went on a digital detox retreat. Yes,    that means they went without their phones, tablets, laptops, and television for a few days. One of the first things the neuroscientists noticed was the group’s posture and overall demeanor changed. Instead of sneaking glances at their phone to check if someone texted or called them, they looked up and into their company’s eyes. Their posture noticeably changed as they opened up the front of their body and realigned the back of their heads with their spine.

  2. Improved Sleep. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise as there are numerous articles out there describing the negative reactions our bodies have to the blue light from cell phones. Forgoing your phone for the day, especially in the hour before you go to bed, will lead to a higher-quality of sleep.

  3. Reflection. Often times we turn to our phones when we are waiting in a doctor’s office, on a line to check out at the supermarket, or if we don’t know anyone at the restaurant we are waiting at for our friend to arrive. Our phones have become security blankets. Looking down at them shows others that you are busy, you have friends, and you are not a loner. Consider this - going on a digital detox will give you the ability to actually reflect on your life. Removing the technological distraction will allow you to focus on your own life for a change. You can feel free to make decisions that you have been holding off on and make a new plan for a healthier, happier you.

  4. Relaxation. You are at the spa finally treating yourself to a facial or massage. Your eyes start to drift and you begin to enter a relaxed state. All of a sudden, your phone rings. You jump up believing it is an emergency that can’t wait 30 minutes for you to respond. It is your friend wondering when you can grab dinner. There goes your peace, relaxation, and break from your busy life.A digital detox will provide the much-needed relaxation you deserve and need. You will begin to see that the world will not end if you do not pick up a phone call or answer a text right away.

  5. Connection. Friday night has finally arrived, it is either date night or movie night with friends. You have been looking forward to it all week! Now think about your behavior during the actual event. Are you checking your phone for urgent emails, scrolling through social media, or texting someone who isn’t with you?

I challenge you to put your phone away. Enjoy your time with loved ones. Take a digital detox and see how much your life will change for the better.


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