The key to radiant skin is here. 



At Harmony Day Spa we have seen many skin care trends and fads come and go.  But one thing remains.  True skin care knowledge. 

There is not "one" line, treatment or tool  that will turn back the hands of time.  You can make the right choices for your skin on a daily basis to deliver glowing skin to age gracefully and beautifully.  On your terms.  This I know as fact.

We at HDS carefully curate and edit our line of skincare offerings. While anyone can carry a nationally known line, you must know what to do with it and how to incorporate it with an indie brand and maybe even something you have at home and most definitely from your dermatologist.  

Please take that as confidence and not arrogance in our over 20+ years of skincare experience as a working esthetician, skin care marketing executive, skincare educatucatur and technical text book reviewer (SME)



Skincare rituals are important for maintaining a luminous complexion.


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Ideally, luminous skin happens anywhere from once a month to change of each season.  Whatever works best for you.

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