Facial Treatments

All of our facials are customized to your unique skin or general skin concern.  All facial treatments include a full cleansing, exfoliation and extractions.  Our facial treatments are either 50 or 90+ minutes.


Harmony Foundation Facial 
Our popular and completely customizable facial includes comprehensive facial cleansing, extractions, face, neck and shoulder massage and a customized facial mask. This facial may include a mild facial peel, if indicated. Harmony Foundation Facial is recommended for most skins, and anyone looking to fight the initial signs of aging, dealing with oily or acne prone skin or other skin imperfections
$130.00   90 minutes


Harmony Foundation Facial Lite 
All of the same benefits of the Harmony Foundation Facial but in a shorter time frame. This treatment is great for teens and anyone short on time. 
$70.00   50 minutes

Micro Current Rejuvenation Facial 
This non-invasive treatment incorporates both micro current and LED technology to dramatically tone, firm, and lift the skin while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Actively assists in reversing the signs of aging. Visible results after one treatment. For dramatic, lasting results, a series of 10 treatments performed over 10 weeks is recommended. 
$100.00  45 minutes
$145.00  90 minutes


Optimizer Facial 
A new favorite to combat aging skin. A customizable galvanic or ultrasonic infusion deeply penetrates specific ampoules to treat fine lines and wrinkles. Include exfoliation, extractions and appropriate mask. 
$145.00   90 minutes


Clarifying Acne Treatment 
A deep pore cleansing facial to support acne healing while preventing scarring. A customized mask is included. 
$70.00     45 minutes 
$125.00   75 minutes


Micro Peel Facial 
A Harmony Favorite!  A full deep pore cleansing facial with a state of the art microdermabrasion treatment to fully smooth and tone the skin. Helps to reduce acne scars, fine lines and sun damage. If you are serious about getting your skin in shape, then this is the skin treatment for you. 
$165.00   90 minutes


Light Exfoliation Peel 
Exfoliation agents appropriate for your skin are used to thoroughly exfoliate the top layers of your skin to bring about a brighter, firmer, cleaner complexion. For most skin types. 
$145.00   90 minutes


Quick Peel 
A very effective customized light chemical peel. No fluff, no mess in and out in 25 minutes. Priced to be performed in a series of treatments as designed by your esthetician and not to replace a regular facial treatment. Excellent results when done in a series of several treatments starting with a Harmony Foundation Facial. Expect mild redness or flaking for 3-5 days. 
$45.00   25 minutes


Photo by Udo Kroener/Hemera / Getty Images

Therapeutic Massage

We are a professional massage therapy practice. We provide professional therapeutic massage and bodywork services and demonstrate excellence in practice by promoting healing and well-being through responsible, compassionate and respectful touch. American Massage Therapy Association Professional Member. Massage prices do not include a 7% sales tax


Fusion Massage 
You pick the therapeutic modality (Swedish, Deep Tissue or Hot Stone) one or all three. Designed to completely relax and restore the senses. Your choice, Hot Stone just on your feet and Swedish on your back? No problem! 
$155.00   90 minutes


Swedish Massage 
A relaxing massage to help stimulate the circulatory system and increase oxygen flow to sore muscles. 
$50.00     30 minutes
$95.00     60 minutes
$135.00    90 minutes


Back in Harmony 
It’s all about the back in this 45 minute massage. Every square inch of your back, neck and shoulders are treated with some well deserved attention. Using hot towels, Swedish and Deep Tissue massage to stimulate blood flow and ease tightness for overall body and mind relaxation. 
$70          45 minutes


Hot Stone Massage 
A relaxing Swedish style massage using heated river stones to ease sore and tight muscles. 
$100.00    60 minutes 
$145.00    90 minutes


Prenatal Massage 
A relaxing side lying massage treatment that will safely ease the stresses that pregnancy places on your muscles. Safely massage in the 2nd and 3rd trimester. 
$95.00      60 minutes
$135.00    90 minutes


Deep Tissue Massage 
This massage technique uses slower, more-forceful strokes to target the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue to help with muscle damage from injuries. Great for sore necks and backs. 
$50.00      30 minutes 
$100.00    60 minutes 
$145.00    90 minutes

Hair Removal

Professional hair removal using hard wax and the most sanitary procedures for your protection.  We never, ever double dip.

Waxing FAQ's

  • Please call us with any specific questions to make this service more comfortable.
  • For sensitive areas such as Bikini, Back or Chest:
    • 24 hours pre service-exfoliate daily with Scrubby Gloves or Salux Cloth to lift any trapped hairs.
    • Post Service-apply an over-the-counter antibiotic ointment for the first 24 hours, followed by Clear It or Ingrown Zone(available in our retail section) for the next 2-3 days. Use Scrubby Gloves or Salux Cloth daily.
  • Post body waxing avoid excessive perspiring, sauna's, hot tubs or pedicure baths.
  • Important Note: Waxing is not recommended for the following conditions or Rx: 
    • Accutane, Retinoids, Retin-A, Differin or Tazorac users, sunburns and recent laser/chemical treatment. We are happy to tweeze facial hair where the previous RX products are used.
  • Hair should be at least 1/4 inch in length or 3-4 weeks growth.

Body Treatments


Foot Fetish 
Sugar polish exfoliation, paraffin, warm towels and a 30 minute foot and ankle massage. 
$65.00   45 minutes 

It is believed that reflex points in the foot and ankle relate to specific areas of pain in the body. Fantastic for migraines. 
$35.00   30 minutes

Hand or Foot Paraffin 
Added to any skincare or massage treatment. Great for arthritis.